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Escrick Business Park

News from Escrick Business Park

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Homework plans get top marks - world first at Escrick

Homework plans get top marks - world first at Escrick

August 2015

Taking your home to work rather than taking your work home is a revolutionary concept being explored by York developer S Harrison at its thriving Escrick Business Park development.

The scheme, which has won backing from Selby & Ainsty MP Nigel Adams, turns the idea of the home office on its head. Phil Hill of S Harrison explains:

“There are many small businesses which have outgrown the home office but where circumstances don’t necessarily allow investment in separate office space. At Escrick we have allocated four units on the attractive rural park to convert the upper floor of the two storey office space to residential accommodation, with the ground floor providing up to 700sq ft of separate self-contained offices. Expanding business entrepreneurs can enjoy living above the office, in a completely separate, high spec apartment in a great rural setting. It’s ideal for those who are at the stage in business where expansion means they need to stay on top of their work, quite literally.”

The design of the business units, in their rural location, lends itself perfectly to this dual use enabling businesses to own their own offices and secure low-cost high quality living accommodation.

It’s a specialist market for which there is currently no provision in the area but early indications are that, with just four units currently on offer, demand may outstrip supply.

Says Nigel Adams, MP: “This is exactly the kind of innovative thinking which is required to help ambitious businesses grow within their means. It’s exciting that this scheme is being pioneered in the Selby area and shows how, as a district, we are well and truly open for business.”

Harrison has yet to get clearance on the scheme from the local planning authority but Phil Hill is confident of a positive reception. “If, as we believe, we can demonstrate that the demand is there, it is hard to see what planning objections could be raised,” he says. “Escrick Business Park is a thriving hub of business with all warehousing units occupied and many of the offices already housing successful and award-winning businesses. The business park has its own on-site crèche. We are keen to provide new options for aspiring businesses and have allocated four of the most attractive units on the park for the live/work concept to extend the business community.”

Office units are currently available freehold from £200,000. A combined 2-bed apartment and office suite is expected to be priced at £250,000. The live/work concept is being managed directly by S Harrison. Traditional office units are available via agents MPC in York.